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Changes made in this game:
  • Complete change of game's recipe and progress: I have changed all the recipe, researches and scouting to make everything more relatable and in the present. The previous version of the game had a more futuristic approach, because of this players were not able to relate to the recipe, researches, and scouting.
  • New Tutorial mechanic: In a new tutorial, players can cancel/hide some unskippable tutorials. I have also added a bit of detail in the tutorials.
  • New Building UI/UX: One of the major complaints was that UI of the build menu was not good and user-friendly. So I have completely changed that user experience.
  • Factory Presets: Players can now buy presets for specific factories after scouting for [factory builders] clan.
  • Game UI updates in pause: Game screen and UI updates/refreshes even if the game is paused.
  • Improved WIKI: Game's wiki (which you can access by pressing "big hex ? button in middle) Has been hugely improved. Now there are deep links inside each section of the wiki so that you can jump from one wiki to another.
  • Deconstruction Button: There is now a deconstruction on the lower right side of the factory. You can switch deconstruction mode on/off to delete multiple objects at once by this.
  • Fixed Production bug: There was a bug, because of which producers were not producing at 100% efficiency. It's fixed now.
  • Bug Fixes: Game had a lot of bugs, so I tried to fix them all.
If there is any more problem let me know here.

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